Community Connect

Vizance is committed to the communities we serve and to businesses who share our passion and commitment to supporting non-profit endeavors.

A growing movement of businesses committed to making a positive impact in our communities by helping non-profit organizations move their mission forward.

Building Bridges

People and resources are limited. Rather than simply wrestling over limited resources, we must be searching for new people and forming relationships with businesses that would be willing to join a charitable movement. As people and businesses hear the stories of lives that have been touched by a particular non-profit, they oftentimes are drawn in to support them with their time, talent and treasure. We help non-profits tell their story and develop new relationships with local businesses that will provide additional resources and volunteers who give back to the community.

Enhancing Teamwork

Many times, resources can be pooled or ideas can be shared that may help accomplish what is needed. One of the ways we help non-profits be successful is by connecting them with other non-profits that are making a difference in their community, to form strong bonds and lasting relationships to fulfill their missions collaboratively.

Providing Resources

Our desire is to see non-profit organizations move their mission forward. This means that our help needs to extend beyond assistance with insurance. We provide customized resources for the changing needs of non-profits. We do this by continuing to form strategic partnerships with people and organizations that specialize in meeting those needs. Vizance is also committed as an organization to tangibly serve and resource non-profit organizations in our communities.

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