Claims Management

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When a claim does occur, it is imperative that the claim is handled effectively to minimize your exposure and facilitate timely resolution.

Our skilled claims advisors go beyond simply reporting the claim to our partner insurance companies. Instead, they become your advocates during every step of the claims process. The result is fewer claims and lower costs, and ultimately a reduction in your long-term cost of risk.

Effective management of claims also includes reviewing your prior claims history to ensure each claim was resolved to your best advantage. Such analysis can also uncover trends in claims frequency and severity, and serve as a guide for future efforts in preventing and reducing claims.

  • Our claims management service offerings include:
  • Claims Advocacy & Resolution
  • Immediate Claims Response
  • Strategic Claims Analysis & Reviews
  • Claims Investigation
  • Partnering with Medical Providers
  • Return-to-Work Program
  • Injury Reporting Procedures
  • Experience Mod Verification & Forecasting