Different – On Purpose

It’s not what we do for you that makes us different – it’s how we do it, and why.

Knowing you vs. Selling you

Our fundamental approach is different than others. We start by asking questions and listening. We get to know the ins and outs of your situation and understand your risks, your wants, and your goals. By learning and analyzing, we are able to determine your true needs. We then identify opportunities and design a customized plan that works specifically for you.

Having the right plan vs. Thinking you do

Things change. Over time your insurance and employee benefits programs need updating. As our client, we regularly reach out to you, to review your current situation and learn about your latest goals. We then discuss our findings with you and make the necessary recommendations. Our associates are proactive to stay on top of your situation and up-to-date with your needs.

Reaching a person vs. Reaching a phone menu

Accessibility is important. That’s why when you call us, you’ll hear a friendly voice that you can actually speak with. We’re always happy to hear from you – to talk with you and to listen intently, to solve problems, to handle changes, and to provide advice and solutions. Our advisors and client service people are always reachable.

Giving you answers vs. Leaving you with questions

We pride ourselves on providing answers – quickly and clearly. After all, we’re here to give you peace-of-mind. Our communications are direct and friendly, and we speak in simple, understandable terms – without confusing industry jargon.

Easing your burden vs. Being your burden

We’re always looking to make your life easier. It’s a big part of being “client service fanatics.” We strive to keep things simple and straightforward. We strive to be accurate: so it’s done right the first time. We strive to be proactive: staying on top of things so you don’t have to. We strive to be responsive: so you don’t have to wait long. And, when there’s a problem, we work to resolve it quickly.

Providing peace-of-mind vs. Creating anxiety

Our goal is to serve you with the best programs for your specific needs and to delight you with our client service. That’s what motivates everything we do. It’s why you’ll find our team to be dependable, prompt, and creative – and always working to get things done the right way, right away.