It’s a phrase that uniquely describes us – our philosophy, our relationships, and the value we deliver as true partners.

At Vizance, “good” simply isn’t good enough. Good coverage, good rates and good service don’t separate one insurance agency from the rest. It’s our vision, vitality and advice that make us different – and that difference is dramatic.

Safety &
Risk Management

Business Insurance

The goal of our team of professional advisors is to work with our clients in order to understand their business and their goals and to minimize their exposure to and cost of risk so that those goals may be achieved. It requires an integrated approach toward risk control, claims solutions and risk transfer, and a commitment from you and us to implement and monitor the plan, leading to new levels of business certainty.

Safety & Risk Management

Our goal is to create a customized, proactive, risk management plan designed to specifically reduce the frequency and severity of claims, prevent accidents and injuries, and reduce the total cost of risk and insurance over time. Such efforts will improve an organization’s safety, contribute to a healthy and productive workforce, and ultimately permeate the culture of the organization.

Claims Management

When a claim does occur, it is imperative that the claim is handled effectively to minimize your exposure and facilitate timely resolution. Our skilled claims advisors go beyond simply reporting the claim to our partner insurance companies. Instead, they become your advocates during every step of the claims process. The result is fewer claims and lower costs, and ultimately a reduction in your long-term cost of risk.

Personal Insurance

Our advisors ensure the right coverage to protect your family and your personal assets. We provide the certainty and confidence that if your possessions are damaged or destroyed, they will be repaired or rebuilt to today’s standards and values. Your dedicated Personal Service Team is always available to answer your questions. The value of this type of personal attention is easy to measure and is what sets us apart from the impersonal web-based, one-size-fits-all gimmicks that may be putting individuals and families at risk.

Financial Services

Whether you have questions about life insurance for yourself, or need to arrange a 401(k) plan for your employees, our Financial Services department can provide the solutions you need. By completing a thorough Needs Analysis and Review of your personal and/or business needs, the Financial Services Team is able to provide options and recommendations for you.

Compliance Services

In the landscape of employee benefits, change is a way of life. At Vizance, we want to ensure that, through all of the complexities, you are armed with the right information and tools to stay compliant. Through our on-site Compliance Team, we are able to provide guidance on a wide range of compliance-related subjects. Additionally, we provide monthly educational opportunities to our clients through webinars and seminars.


Medicare can be complicated, but we make it easy. All of the Medicare options out there might leave you wondering where to start, or which direction to go. Vizance has dedicated Medicare Advisors who are available to help guide you through your options to choose what’s right for you.

Employee Benefits

Our focus at Vizance is to create certainty in the uncertain world of employee benefits. It requires patient and creative professionals that have a watchful eye on cost, education, service, compliance and wellness. While other agencies tout market share, brand recognition, or “canned” product offerings, few, if any, will actually deliver an approach beyond the renewal that thoroughly takes a company’s unique needs into account.